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  • Why use a travel agent?
    Our services are provided at no cost to you, they are entirely complimentary! With the numerous options out there, we can help you save time. Also, many times we have first hand experience, have sent other travelers, or have thoroughly researched the proposed travel options we send you. We'll assist you with booking accomodations, flights, excursions, etc and before travel you'll be sent custom travel documents complete with vouchers, important tips, and destination information.
  • Do you charge a fee?
    No, we do not. Our planning services are free as we get paid by travel service providers after you travel.
  • Do you assist with all types of travel?
    We specialize in a variety of travel styles and destinations. However, we do try and keep our focus somewhat narrow in order to remain more knowledgeable as well as offer better service. Our specialties lie in all-inclusive resorts, Europe, Hawaii, ocean and river cruises, and a few select other destinations. Just ask! We can book accomodations, airfare, travel insurance, car rental, excursions, spa, etc.
  • Are there any destinations or types of travel services you don't offer?
    We do not assist with mainland travel in the USA. We also don't specialize in African Safari's, Asia, Russia, Canada, or Antartica. However, if you are looking for a cruise or guided tour package to any of those destinations we would be happy to assist. Of course, you can always ask, as we may make exceptions.
  • How does the planning process work?
    We'll ask you a set of custom questions to get to understand your preferences and travel interests. Once all answers have been received your travel advisor will put together a custom quote with a variety of options, details, and pricing. Usually you will receive an approximate timeframe on when you can expect a quote. This timeframe can vary based on the number of travel requests we have received, when you plan to travel, the complexity of your travel plans, etc. Please allow anywhere from 1-15 business days to receive a custom quote. You're encouraged to reach out to your advisor if you have questions, would like more options, or if you've decided and are ready to book. Also, if you've decided not to travel, or no longer use our services, we would greatly appreciate you telling us, as nobody likes to be ghosted 😊
  • What is the process for booking travel plans?
    Once you've selected your travel package and are ready to book we'll begin putting together your confirmation forms. If possible, we will also place travel plans on hold. You will receive an email containing a link for your trip approval form. This form includes your trip details, pricing, and our service agreement terms. Once you've reviewed all the information you will be asked to approve and electronically sign. Once complete, you will be taken to a secure site where you can input your card details for deposit. Once both of these forms are complete, we will receive a notification and can then process your deposit and confirm your trip!
  • Do you book airfare?
    Yes we do. However, we only book flights if you are also booking accomodations (resort, cruise, etc) with us. We do not book solely flights. We also can not book airfare if you are using miles, a credit, or points. Those must be booked on your own. You're also always welcome to book airfare on your own at any time.
  • What are your hours?
    We do not have set hours. In general we try to workdays only and we may be available between the hours of 8am - 7pm. However, if we are traveling or if there are other events happening in our life you may find that we are working weekends or evenings.
  • How do I make a payment?
    Please use the following link to complete a payment request form. You will need to know your confirmation number, this can be found at the top right corner of your receipt. Your payment is not immediate and it will be processed during business hours, these vary. You'll receive a receipt within 1-3 business days once payment is processed.
  • When is my final payment due?
    Please refer to your last receipt. This date can be found at the bottom, on the right, and it will also tell you the remaining balance.
  • When do I receive my travel documents?
    These will be sent to you via email approximately 10-14 days prior to travel. Sometimes this email may end up in your junk or spam folder so please check there as well.
  • Airport Information - check-in, baggage, customs, special programs, etc.
    We recommend arriving to the airport 2.5-3 hours prior to your departure time. If you are traveling during a holiday please allow plenty of extra time as the airport will most likely be very busy. To understand what you can and cannot pack or any other questions you may have about security please visit the TSA website. Check-In You are required to check yourself in, have your passport information ready. Some airlines or fares may not assign your seats until you check-in. If flying with Southwest set an alarm so that you can check in 24 hours prior to flight departure for each flight, arrival and departure. You will get an earlier boarding group the earlier you check in for Southwest. You can also purchase Early Bird which will automatically check you in and you will receive an earlier booking group, it's best to purchase this sooner vs later. Baggage Depending on your airline, fare, and/or destination this will vary. Please refer to your airline's website for more information. We advise that you cross pack your luggage in case luggage is misplaced and arrives later. You should also pack an extra change of clothes, toiletries, and any essentials in your carry-on bag. American | Delta | Southwest | JetBlue | United | Frontier | British Airways | Lufthansa | Aegean Air US Immigration & Customs Information When returning from an international destination you will be required to clear customs. This will occur in a US airport (domestic or territory), and there are a few destinations such as New Providence, Bahamas (Nassau) and Aruba where you will clear customs before returning home. When you deplane you will go through passport control/immigrations, then head over to baggage claim and pick up any checked luggage. Your luggage may be inspected by a CBP officer, once you've cleared customs you will recheck your checked bags (at this time you will want to add in any items you purchased in your departure airport, particularly alcohol or liquids). Once bags are re-checked you will proceed to security. There are some programs that allow you to clear customs faster such as Mobile Passport Control, Automated Passport Control, and Global Entry. TSA PreCheck Details You can apply for TSA PreCheck which may allow you to experience a faster and smoother screening process. The program requires you apply and schedule an appointment enroll. A background check and fingerprinting is required. If you have a TSA PreCheck number please make sure you send us that.
  • What do I do if I have a travel emergency?
    Please always call us first (919.299.2249) and leave a voicemail, or you may try texting us (emergency only). Please understand that we may be unavailable as we also may be traveling, simply not near a phone, or not within range of service. If you're experiencing issues with an airline please contact them for immediate assistance. Contact numbers for your travel service providers can be found in your travel documents package. You can also contact your travel insurance provider using the number on your insurance voucher.
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